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Inventory Management

Keep Track of Your Inventory with Ease

Our inventory module will not only track your inventory for a single or multi-location business, but it also tracks order history, back orders, parts and more.

Inventory Management

Inventory Control is a main function of IMS. Users have the ability to set price levels for different customers, set reorder points and quantities, create kits and cross reference numbers.

Users can also review item history and usage, establish quantity discounts, set items as taxable or non-taxable, track serial numbers and more...
IMS provides a back order research module that facilitates filling orders as soon as merchandise is received.
Buyers are notified when an item is received, and upon their approval items are released and sent directly to packaging to be shipped to the customer.
Quality Control reports help warehouse managers know where to concentrate efforts and implement necessary training.
Review the individual work of checkers, packers and pullers by review of analysis reports.
Production analysis graphs make review of the warehouse work performed accurate and easy for managers to accomplish on a daily basis.


A planogram showing the layout of the warehouse and bin locations can be incorporated into the Inventory System.

Multi-Location Functional

Each location has the ability to transfer from one location to another, set or adjust their own reorder points, reorder quantities or view individual back orders and usage.


The Electronic Catalog makes searching for an item number quick and easy.

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