MSS Micro Support Services

Point of Sale

An integrated POS system built to make your business better

IMS gives business owners control of the sales process and inventory. IMS has the ability to track costs, calculate sales statistics, and update the cost of goods sold.

Customer Orders

With customer orders, you have the option to create a drop ship to a customer with private purchase orders linked to the individual order.
You can email order confirmations and tracking information directly to the customer.
Your customer’s information is stored and updated when an order is closed for future use.

Helpful History

Among the many useful reports, order and payment history for each customer is always available, so you can keep track of your sales.
IMS also logs which employee made the sale, created the line item, or made any adjustments during the transaction.
Track and improve profits by using all the historical logging IMS offers.

Inventory Integration

Our integrated sales and orders seamlessly track and manage inventory so you can easily keep tabs on stock levels.


Gain a competitive edge using sales statistics and the numerous reports available giving you insight on customers, sales, inventory and more.

Gift Cards

Did you know customers typically spend more than the value of their gift cards when they redeem? Generate, print, and track gift cards easily with IMS for your business.
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